The Iranian Beluga 000 is the most valued and desired caviar quality of the market. An unique palate experience through the big and soft eggs of the Huso Huso. Varies in colour from obscure grey to clear grey/gilded, being these last ones the most expensive eggs due to it’s longevity. Only some kilos available during the year. *Only company in Spain with Iranian CITES*

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Beluga caviar has an absolutely unmistakable character with its huge, mild grains that range in colour from light to dark grey. Its complex flavour and prolonged aftertaste is classed as the most exclusive gift one can make. At the Caviar Sos Shop in Barcelona our customers are allowed to taste the caviar in order to help you to decide the quality that fits better with your palate.

The Huso Huso (Beluga) is the biggest sized sturgeon and it’s also the sturgeon that more years of maduration needs to produce caviar, taking up to 20 years to reach maturity, with its roe being the largest and most expensive. They vary in color from dark gray to light gray / gold, the latter being the most valued as they are the longest-lived.

The normal Huso Huso weight is from 100 to 600 kgs. (sometimes it has exceeded 1000kgs) and the caviar obtained corresponds to 15% of its weight. The best quality caviar in the world comes from sturgeons in countries near the Caspian Sea, to emphasize the Iranian country, the country with the best caviar in the world.


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