Declared the best caviar in the world along with the great Beluga 000. The Best Seller of Caviar Sos due to the easy adaptation of its flavor and texture to the palate, without exceeding intensity and creaminess. Perfect for any recipe (Botafumeiro, Semon) for its properties and colorful golden / green color. *Iranian CITES *

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At the Caviar Sos Shop in Barcelona our customers are allowed to taste the caviar in order to help you to decide the quality that fits better with your palate. The taste of this caviar variety is known as the real taste of caviar.

The sturgeon that produces this variety of caviar belongs to the Huso-Huso family, the sturgeon we obtain the Beluga 000 caviar from. Although both caviar have their origin in the same specie, it is easily seen, tasted and proved the difference of color, flavor, texture and creaminess between the two varieties, being the caviar of Imperial Beluga less creamy, less unctuous and less intense than the mother Beluga 000, known this last one by its powerful and intense flavor. This last detail originated the Beluga Vodka, perfect for the contrast of intensities and best friends with caviar.

It is the favorite of the chefs of the restaurants with which the House works, both the longest and the newest. It is because of his explosive and perfect combination with a large amount of food, allowing you to feel the Imperial Beluga in the gastronomic recipe without fear of exceeding the taste of the whole dish. An excellent balance of which we are and we never tire of witnessing.

The main difference between the two best varieties of caviar is found in the physical characteristics of both sturgeon: the production of Beluga 000 caviar requires a larger lifespan and a bigger sturgeon size than the Imperial Beluga we see in this page, producing more matured, more powerful, more greyish and a creaminess caviar with no precedents in the world of the caviar (more years of maturity needs to achieve = more cost) .

However for the production of the caviar of Beluga Imperial, the only necessary and indispensable thing is to know how to detect the exact moment when the sturgeon has reached its sexual maturation and to make sure of a correct feeding, without needing lengthening the stage not even 1 year, thus obtaining the purest caviar, “the caviar which gave name to the caviar.” That is why it is known as the true taste of caviar.


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