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What is Caviar Sos?
The House of Caviar in Spain, which has been dedicated to the search and selection of the best caviar in the world for more than 17 years, always taking care of every detail so that our public feels amazed. Each spoonful of the House’s product transports you to a world of new sensations where the senses come together to give way to the maritime and gastronomic experience that caviar offers on the palate; flavour, intensity, creaminess, aftertaste and exceptional roe quality, typical of the caviar declared the best in the world; Iranian caviar. It is known as one of the best flavours and experiences in gastronomy.

From Beluga to Sevruga, from intense to neutral, for recipes and for direct consumption… We help you to find the caviar that best suits your palate! Call us and let us know all your doubts!

In a market as difficult and changing as that of the “black gold”, in Caviar Sos we have bet and we will bet until the end for the classic product, “the caviar that gave name to caviar”, without imitations or farms with low quality caviar production; the authentic Beluga, Osetra and Sevruga sturgeon roe, the roe qualities to which the palate of the historical customers of the House are used to and that is why the House values the opinion of all customers very much.
To ensure a pleasurable and satisfactory experience, in the physical shop in Barcelona we offer a tasting of a spoonful of the caviar chosen to avoid surprises once you get home and open the tin.

All the guarantees of quality, packaging and transport and always respecting CITES regulations.

Judge for yourselves!

La Casa del Caviar is located in Barcelona, at Avenida Pau Casals 5 in the central and renowned Plaza Francesc Macià. It is the shop, customer outreach centre and work centre of the Sos family and Caviar Sos, where you can find everything from Russian king crab to the best caviar you can imagine, as well as French chamapgne and Beluga vodka.
In addition to the secure online shop, we recommend going to the shop to purchase the caviar to have the option of a tasting of the caviar selected for the occasion. A glass of champagne, a teaspoon of caviar and witness the packaging, in addition to offering you all the advice on conservation, recipes and caviar pairing. We are waiting for you!… what better plan?

Caviar Sos has become a renowned brand in the world of caviar imports. Anyone who comes to the shop to buy their tin of caviar will have the option of watching the packaging process after tasting a spoonful of their chosen caviar. In-situ method. Once you enter the shop, the experience is guaranteed until the end.
Always complying with the highest standards of safety and quality to offer the best possible product to our customers.

Not only do we import the best caviar in the world, but we also have the best products for the most exquisite palates and tastes with gourmet and delicatessen products. In our wide variety of products we highlight the mother-of-pearl accessories, to savour caviar in its pure state, and the best selection of Russian vodkas and champagne on the market, as well as Chatka, salmon roe and French foie La Fitte. Our intention is to bring you closer to the fantastic world of caviar and the delicacies that surround a food that is as simple as it is complex. We seek to provide experiences.

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