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Idea! Christmas recipes with caviar

Idea! Christmas recipes with caviar

Tired of cooking the same dishes for Christmas? Want to surprise your family and friends with a different dish? We propose a very simple recipe with caviar that you are sure to get right.

Caviar Canapés with Salmon
Black Bread or Sliced Bread
Crème Fraîche or Philadelphia Cheese
Smoked Salmon
Black Caviar
Boiled Egg
Black bread or bimbo bread can be used to make the base of the canapé. Once the base has been chosen, spread it with Crème Fraîche or Philadelphia cheese and add strips of smoked salmon and half a boiled egg. Finally, crown the canapé with caviar (we recommend black caviar) and decorate it with some fennel leaves. The decoration can be done with another aromatic herb.


How to serve it:
To enjoy the full intensity of the caviar and enhance its flavour, we recommend serving the canapés with a vodka (e.g. Beluga Noble) or a chilled champagne (e.g. Moët Chandon Impérial). If it is considered too much alcohol to serve with the canapés, it can also be served with a dry white wine (not aged) or with sparkling wines.

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