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Iranian caviar, gourmet luxury

Iranian caviar, gourmet luxury

Delicatessen is the name given to 'the most coveted' in the gastronomic market: exclusive foods for their special characteristics, for being exotic, rare or for having a high quality in cooking. These are delicate, high-end products with a socio-economic reputation. All these characteristics are typical of caviar, also known as "black gold".


The best black gold

Caviar Sos is a renowned brand in the world of caviar and its marketing. A company with a passion for this product and which, together with an exhaustive search, has managed to make Barcelona the cradle of the best caviar in Spain today thanks to this business forged almost a decade ago at Av. Pau Casals Nº5 in the Catalan capital.

There are several types of "black gold" that have emerged in recent years, from hybrids among sturgeons to types of caviar with 'Beluga' in its name. The Beluga sturgeon caviar is the supreme caviar, the 'Messi of caviar', which justifies the excessive use of this name. A commercial strategy that is based on economic interest and on offering a product with a quality/price ratio that is far from reality.

Forget about it. No hybrids, no premium, no commercial gimmicks. The three great types of caviar, the classics and those with true flavour, are: Sevruga caviar, Oscietra caviar and King Beluga. All the information about the Casa del Caviar can be found at

Caviar Sos has been dedicated to selecting the best caviars in the world for several years now, always taking care of every detail so that our customers feel astounded. Every spoonful of our caviar transports you to a world of new sensations.
A simple, effective formula based on neither tasting the caviar nor deciding on the variety to be chosen.




A gastronomic experience

At our shop at Av. Pau Casals, Nº 5 in Barcelona you will never find a can of caviar ready to be bought: everything is packed before the eyes of the customers. We do not only seek the safety and confidence of our customers in the product, we seek to go further by offering a glass of champagne or a shot of vodka next to the spoonful of the gastronomic delicacy. We seek to strengthen ties of friendship.

Caviar Sos is a constant gastronomic experience. A relaxing jazz background, a caviar tasting, a decoration that catches the eye once inside and an essential and distinctive part of the number one black caviar company: a private room with a capacity of 8-10 is available to the client to carry out tastings, samplings and events of our best products and tasting with all the guarantees of quality, packaging and transport and always respecting CITES regulations.

International trade in caviar is restricted and highly controlled as it is categorised by CITES in Appendix II, a certificate held by Caviar SOS which guarantees and authorises the company to market "black gold" in our shop.

Not only do we import the best caviar in the world, but we also have the best products for the most exquisite palates with gourmet products and delicatessen. In our wide variety of products, we highlight the mother-of-pearl accessories, to taste the caviar in its pure state and the best selection of Russian vodkas and champagne in the market. Our intention is to bring you closer to the fantastic world of caviar so that you can enjoy this exquisite delicacy.

On our website, you can find different promotions, especially for Christmas, and through which we consult the opinions of customers and control any shipment made via Nacex Frio. In this way, we can reach those customers who do not have a quality caviar shop nearby and who are looking for a product that breaks all previously marked forecasts.

-Live the Caviar Sos experience-

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