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The authentic sturgeon caviar in Spain

The authentic sturgeon caviar in Spain


The best caviar in the world is in Spain, yes, more specifically in Barcelona, at Avenida Pau Casals number 5 in the centre of Barcelona. What is the reason for this landmark?

It's funny, so many countries in the world and the best importer of caviar is in Spain. How can it be that we have such a high quality product in Spain? Simple: Caviar Sos imports Iranian beluga.
While the United States prohibits the entry of Beluga, while China produces its caviar (Kaluga) and while several countries aim to produce a quality caviar similar to that of Russia or Iran, Caviar Sos has dedicated itself to following the caviar tradition and for more than a decade has been the home of the best caviar in the country and the world. It is a unique company as it holds the CITES certificate that is only granted by the Iranian government and accredits the commercialisation of the highly prized Beluga. All the information and photos of the House of Caviar at

There are many varieties of caviar that have emerged in recent years in an attempt to replace the valuable Iranian caviar; baerii caviar, nacarii caviar, sterlet caviar and even fish eggs that are catalogued as caviar and the only eggs that are given that name are sturgeon eggs.
These production processes carried out by countries such as China, France or Italy do not produce fruit of as high a quality as Iranian or Russian caviar, but to give it greater credibility it is indicated on the tins that Iranian methods are used to produce the product, which makes no sense as there is only one way of extracting the eggs. To understand us, it is like comparing a 5 jotas ham produced in Spain with a ham produced in any other country: no matter how much the Spanish method is used in other countries, it will never be like the ham we obtain on national soil.
With caviar it is the same, you cannot have an Iranian caviar in any country just because you use Iranian methods. It is unique and inimitable and anyone who has even the slightest knowledge of the world of caviar will know what we are talking about.




Betting strongly on the quality and not the low price that characterizes the substitutes.
Committing to integrity and authenticity by offering to taste the product in the physical shop in Barcelona.
Providing a "clean" in the culture of caviar by alerting consumers to the "false merchants" of caviar that have emerged in the country in recent years.
In this way, Caviar Sos is fighting for the prosperity of a market that is difficult to regulate and in which we suggest that you go to an official caviar shop so that you don't get caught out in the cold on special dates. These merchants offer Iranian or Russian caviar, of the Beluga or Osetra genus but without legal labelling, which is why it is classified as contraband as well as misleading.
There are also companies/traders who label the tins of the black delicacy knowing that the consumer is not aware that they must look at the acronym (CN - CHINA, IRAN - IRAN) and numbers on the label (CITES NUMBER) to denominate the origin and variety of caviar, taking advantage of this lack of knowledge to sell at crazy prices a type of caviar that actually costs up to 5 times less than its selling price.

Don't be fooled! For this very reason, and because we are the House of Caviar in Spain, we always offer to taste the chosen product in our official shop in Barcelona to avoid misunderstandings, guarantee quality, explain what to look out for on the label and experience the caviar canning process.

Live the Caviar experience Sos✨

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